the app store parabola

Lots of fake five-star reviews, lots of unhappy one-star reviews, very little in the middle. I wonder what percentage of app ratings look like this.

mnmlly mnml

Enter Andrew Kim, at the time a minimalist young gun. Kim's site is paradoxically called "Minimally Minimal." In other words, according to Kim, the site is the least minimal it could possibly be. But this is the opposite of the case, as the site is actually quite minimal.

Eli Schiff is my favorite grumpy old man.


Fantastic animation, needs to be seen full-screen.

ligatures in Xcode

Fira Code and LigatureXcodePlugin:



Caddy is a free open-source web server that supports HTTP/2, virtual hosts, proxying, load balancing, and best of all, it automatically enables HTTPS. I've been using it in place of nginx on a Mac Mini in front of a dozen Node.js and Sinatra sites. So far it's worked flawlessly. Fantastic stuff.